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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Week 1, Day 4, Good Bye Michigan, Hello Canada

Week 1, Day 4, Good Bye Michigan, Hello Canada

This morning we left Memphis Michigan with our destination is scheduled to be West Lorne, Ontario Canada.

The day was fairly easy with only 84 miles with a water crossing from Michigan to Boston at Marine City.

We departed at 7:20, that is a bit early for us. We were heading toward the ferry at a pretty good rate, arriving at Marine City at 9AM covering 26 miles. Typically any day that we can put in more than 17 miles by 9AM is a pretty good rate.

We stopped in a cafe where we had cinnamon buns. Each bun was almost large enough to fill the entire 12 inch plate. Boy were they delicious!!!

The ferry ride was pretty quick, about 20 minutes waiting for the ferry and about 10 minutes to cross. On the Canadian side, we showed the customs official our passports and answered some quick questions then proceeded on.

The land was very much like Michigan with farms as far as we could see. The roads were mostly pretty good, with some rough patches occasionally. The nicest part was the tail wind that allowed us to make some good time. We reached the lunch stop by noon and was back on the road by 12:30. We were on the road for only 13 miles when we stopped for Root Beer floats. Oh soo good.

Not much more to say, except that we rolled into the school by 3PM. If you look at the photo from yesterday and today, you'll see barns, barns and more barns. I grew up in the city and never really saw barn much, but it seems really nifty to be passing them on this trip.

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Ride Stats:

Distance: 84 miles
Time: 5 hours and 28 Minutes
348 miles since the beginning of the trip
585 feet climbed

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