This summer I'll be retracing the last 3 weeks of the Coast to Coast ride in 2002. I had a fantastic time in 2002 and expect the same this year as well. Below are daily collections of my experiences with photos. Hope you enjoy reading the blog. - Brian Cox

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 2, Rest Day

The ride is set up with 6 days of riding and 1 rest day. The rest day was today.

The rest day allows the staff to transport the riders leaving to the airport and also pick up new riders for the upcoming week. It also allows the continuing riders to get ready for the next week. For me, I had the chance to have breakfast with Jim, Lauri and Andy before Jim and Lauri left to return home.

I had a chance to do my laundry at the local laundromat. I also needed to pick up my bike from the shop. I was one happy guy riding my repaired bike back to the school. It should be all fixed now, but I'll give it a careful shakedown ride on the way to Burlington, VT tomorrow morning.

The ride is going to be fairly quick, only 42 miles long. Gee most days it's longer than that to the picnic stop. The ride is also mostly downhill with some modest climbs.

Happy Trails,


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