This summer I'll be retracing the last 3 weeks of the Coast to Coast ride in 2002. I had a fantastic time in 2002 and expect the same this year as well. Below are daily collections of my experiences with photos. Hope you enjoy reading the blog. - Brian Cox

Monday, July 30, 2012

The first day...

Great first day,

94 miles, 2000 foot climb. A great day for a ride.

Got up early, 5:30 to wash up, pack the sleeping bag an taking down the tent so that it could be loading into the baggage trailer by 6:15, then off to breakfast by 6:00 and on the road by 7:30. The temperature was a wonderful 70 degrees F, perfect for a bike ride.

The sky was overcast and just a bit threatening but within an hour or so, became blue sky with some wispy clouds.

It was Jim and Lauri Young and my self and we were making pretty good time, by 9AM we had already traveled 20 miles. We blew into lunch at the at the 42 mile mark by 10:30.

The lunch was at a very pretty lake that we may have lollygagged a bit longer that we should have. After lunch we continued East spend several miles on route 10 that's a pretty busy state road. At the 58 mile mark, we entered into a bike path that took us all the way to Farwell. The trail was straight and flat, since it was built on the right of way of an old railroad line. Imagine 40 miles of bike trail without stop lights or car traffic. We did stop at Evart, a small town, for ice cream at a soft-serve.

Back on the trail it was only another 20 miles to go. The flat pavement made the ride pretty fast, but we were all ready for the end of the ride. We rolled into the Farwell High School by 3PM. I quickly popped up the tent as was in the showers by 3:20.

Tomorrow promises to be a nice ride as well.



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  2. Gotta love the 'Rails to Trails' paths!

  3. I don't recall that bike path from 2002; is the route substantially different?

  4. Your friends are wearing tevas? You should wear those too, so you can get tan markings on your feet to match your hands. Now, that'd be cool.