This summer I'll be retracing the last 3 weeks of the Coast to Coast ride in 2002. I had a fantastic time in 2002 and expect the same this year as well. Below are daily collections of my experiences with photos. Hope you enjoy reading the blog. - Brian Cox

Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 3, Day 1 (Aug 13) Lake Placid, NY to Burlington, VT

Today and tomorrow are fairly short days, both under 50 miles.

Being a short day, breakfast wasn't served until 7AM instead of 6:30. I think that I didn't leave the Northwoods Inn until after 8AM. The only time constraint was the ferry schedule. In order to get into Burlington, we were to take the ferry across Lake Champlain. The ferry leaves Port Kent approximately every 90 minutes and I was aiming for the 12:10 departure. 40 miles in 4 hours, a piece of cake.

The day was overcast and by the 8 mile mark started to drizzle, so I had to stop and put on my jacket then proceeded on. At 13 miles I spied a cafe that we had stopped in on the 2002 ride (link) and pulled in to have a raspberry muffin and cup of coffee. Dennis and Holly were already inside. The waitress mentioned that she had seen the parade of bicycles going by and was curious about what we were doing. Like most people, she couldn't believe that we were biking the distance in one day never mind that we were going all the way to Boston.

I then jump back on the bike and sped on. With the new wheel on my bike, I was shifting up and down frequently trying to verify that the shifting mechanism was properly adjusted. The road was nicely rolling, a bit up and a bit down with the occasionally needing to shift to the lower gears to get over a hump.

The most dramatic scene was the Ausable Chasm, check my photo below. The river drops from rock ledge to rock ledge, flowing beneath the roadway bridge disappearing around a 90 degree bend of the river. Just breathtaking!!

The ferry was only 3 quick downhill miles to the lake. The ferry took close to an hour to reach Burlington and the remaining two miles were uphill to University of Vermont.

Happy Trails,


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